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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Moving to Tennessee

We are planning a move to Tennessee right now.  The doors had opened up for us to transfer our rack making business and homestead store there.  We will be renting the same house that we filmed our fist Homesteading for Beginners DVD in near the Cane Creek community.  We feel like true pilgrims sojourning in a strange land, as it seems we have moved so many times already.  The good thing about moving is that you can weed out the extra things that make life more cluttered.  It has been a place we prayed about moving to for many years now.   We prayed and asked the Lord where we should go and what should be our plan.  He opened many doors to us.  I received a very nice call from Debi Pearl.  Just so happens that one of there photographers, videographers, and graphic designers is moving away when she gets married.  They are willing to help with some things even with my limitations and I can do everything from my own home on my own time.  Wow.  That is an offer that I could not pass up on.  Doing what I love, helping a ministry, and all from my chair, so to speak.  But now that I am feeling better with my foot, and continuing to improve my mobility, I will even be able to enjoy the work more.  

Here is another consideration about Tennessee that I would like to share.  It is a much warmer climate.  Now, what that means to our family is that I should do much better with my pain in the future.  For the past 4 and a half years, every winter I have been laid up with terrible pain due to the cold temperatures.  So painful it preventing me from getting out of the chair to cook meals or go places most times.  I sort of hibernate for 5-6 months out of the year.  It is not fun.  But I just accept it for what it is and try not to complain because there are others that are WAY worse off and can never get around.  So, my loving husband would like to maximize the amount of time I can feel good and moving to a warmer climate just makes sense to us.  As sad as it will be to move away from all our family in Wisconsin, we know it is for the best.  They actually want the best for us and understand it is foolish to live somewhere if it makes you worse.  Now that I am heading into remission, much more recently, I think the warmer weather will keep the disease of RSD at bay.  (FYI: the nerve injury was caused by surgery when a stitch injured my right sciatic nerve causing the trauma and nerve disfunction pain.) That is our prayer.  But nevertheless, I will cherish each moment while it lasts and if my pain returns, I will still be thankful for these more productive, less painful days I have been experiencing for the past couple weeks.  I am so thankful for the newness of life I am feeling at the moment.  It is still a long road to get all the functions of my muscles to work as normal, but I am well on my way.  Each day I grow stronger.  Each day I am so thankful I get to clean, pack boxes, and do things to help.  I have to be very careful because I tend to want to overdo.  I still take the oils and vitamins and they seem to keep me feeling great and the pain is still minimal.    

Another wonderful aspect for us, and something we have been praying for for a very long time is community!  In Cane Creek, there are dozens of families like us that share the same values in homesteading, homeschooling, and following Jesus.  Our kids are getting to the age where they need to start finding friends and having a bit more social life.  We have been about 7 years without  consistent fellowship.  This will provide us with some fellowship.  We used to go to Mike Pearls church years ago and it was very refreshing.  

There are many advantages to moving to Tennessee.  We know we can grow our rack business/store there.  We can make more great videos about things of interest as well.  We feel a peace about moving there and are so thankful for the Lord's mercy.  I held on to that the entire time going through all my trials, that God is merciful.  He teaches us through our trials, he leads us and when we make any life decisions, he is faithful to teach us through them.  No matter where we go or what we do, we take our God with us in our home.  He is inseparable to us.  No matter what dips come, we always have God to help us get back up and continue fighting the good fight of our faith.  We know that life is never perfect nor without challenge.  But, we will stand firm in our faith no matter what may come.  Please pray for us as we begin packing for our big move.  We plan to move this July so that is coming quick.  Thanks again for all your prayers and for praying again for this.  God bless you all for all you do in this community of HCP.  Hopefully, we can have some Homesteading Camps there and some of you can come and visit us, swim in our creek, and enjoy the fellowship.   We will continue to post blogs and content even from our new homestead in Tennessee.  Hope you will all enjoy the journey with us.   

In God's unfailing Mercies,
Erin Harrison

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