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Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Views for the Newman's and Our Family

We moved to Tennessee last Friday and made our new home on the banks of the infamous Cane Creek.  Views are spectacular!  The sun is always shining, where the waters flow clear and the wells of sweet, cool springs spill to overflowing.  As my joy runs over as the water rolling over the rocks, just flowing and the sound of joy just trickles on with such song.  The heat beats on your back and you dive into the water to cool and refresh yourself.  We settled into our old homestead (the one from our first Homesteading for Beginners DVD), it brings back such memories of my little ones cutting up the beans on the front porch.  The chiggers welcomed us back and we are excited to cut all the tall grasses and make it pretty all over again.  A family from the post drove all the way from the deep south to help us pack and move down here and our dear Uncle Smiley.  Such sacrifices people made to help us get to our new homestead.  I just can't even find the words to express how grateful we are for the help, we could not have done it without the help.  Our cow, pony, and calf are enjoying the pastures of tall green grasses.  It is like a dream.  Seeing old friends and making new friends, it is such a joy to know our family is welcomed with just so much love.  They can hardly believe how I am walking.  I am still doing great and thanking God for his oil of joy for my cup of mourning.  It is like I was sleeping for the past 4 years, caught in a bad dream and I am finally alive again.  God is so graciously using his oils to heal my suffering.  It is such a blessing.  I wonder why God would give me another chance, when so many others have it worse, but he just plain old loves me and cares for those little things, I guess.  I am so little, but my God is big.  And it is just another chapter to our lives.  A new adventure and new chance to grow like the reeds on the banks of the living waters.

We found out that a homestead right next door to ours was for rent, so we rented it for the Newmans.  They will be moving in about 2 weeks.  It is finally here, the time our family can get them out of their terrible plight.

This farmhouse is 1600 sq feet, 4 acres of lovely green pastures on the side of the creek.  They will have a peach tree right out the back door.  Grandma Evie can can them to hearts delight.  There will be a canning room for her.  A nice big front porch to rock on their chairs as they overlook horses grazing and the creek flowing so beautifully.  

This is the view they will enjoy for the remainder of their days.  Living out their precious lives in peace, in the loving care of their Heavenly Father.  They only want to love and be loved, teach and encourage... well, they will have that here.  We will love them and care for them each and every hour of their lives.  Owen is so happy to teach the boys all about horses and blacksmithing.  Wow, what a great adventure.  We plan to have some Camps in the future so they can help us teach any of you some things or skills.  What fun.

He will have a wood shop and chicken coop.  It is like a dream come true for them.  And we are so overjoyed.  I can see a future of horse back riding boys with Owen and giggling girls making baskets with Evie.  Owen keeps saying he is pinching himself over and over just in case he is dreaming!  But you see, this is for real and we are just so happy to bless them.  Please be praying for us to safely move them in 2 weeks.  If there are any of you willing to give a hand, just let us know.  It will be an adventure.  

It is just a blessing to be able to attend a church again after a season of not going to any church for years.  It is so refreshing to hear Mike teach out of the word of God.  We had many great hours of fellowship, a meal, kids swimming in the creek, people playing volleyball, and sharing stories.  Catching up with others.  As the breeze gentle blew on my face, sweeping may hair, I just looked at a picture of community, of loving hands.  And I wept inside for the glory and grace, the mercy of God.  Who loves us and wants joy for his people.  And we surely have joy.  

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